Équipe éditoriale

Violaine Domon

Violaine holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He understands the business world very well. He is a well-known person in the business sector and has been active in the industry for over 10 years. He is a rich source of knowledge and energy. He is admired for his greatest contributions on the field. He is also known for his immense knowledge of the economy and sometimes takes a few counseling sessions to inform the team on various topics. Rodrigo manages the business column and is very perfect in his skills.


Jennifer Reed

Jennifer leads the health writing team and has hands-on experience in the field of medical devices and technology. She is one of the motivated individuals in the group and works independently on every update related to medical devices, drug delivery, gene therapy, diagnostics and other segments of the health field. Jennifer is a health maniac and never misses her daily wellness activities.


Brian Beaver

Brian comes from the world of technology with a master’s degree in computer science. He spent 7 years of his life in the field of information technology and has been in contact with us for 3 years. Brian is an eminent personality and possesses rich abilities in his field. Exploring the latest gadgets in cutting-edge technology is Brian’s hobby that makes him forget his time.