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At Manticore News, we are hungry for the latest events around the world and are looking for the latest sources of information to keep our readers up-to-date. We offer a unique solution for those who are more inclined to start with a brief information on the world news and to know the latest actions or reactions. We work hard to offer our readers a daily dose of certain trends and segments. Our information portal is a distinguished platform in key areas such as health, technology, business and science. With a focus on innovation and development, we ensure the delivery of separate information each time we pass the same message to our readers.

We strive to cover the highest number of significant developments and failures, regardless of industry. Concise and reliable sources in different sectors allow us to examine the expected fluctuations, forecasts and movements of any sector or even an organization.

The website is recognized as a unique source of useful information to meet the demand of our dynamic audience. We are part of the interactive multimedia platform that presents to each user the strengths of advanced media, the latest technology models and examines countless plausible results in the technological world. We place a strong emphasis on stories that should make a real difference in the practical world.

Our writers and team work with a number of decision makers, health care experts, investors and business leaders to ensure the provision of reliable, verified news information. Manticore News also collaborates with different start-ups and innovators to find out about future prospects and transfer them around the world.

At Manticore News, we aim to keep readers up-to-date on what’s happening globally. We are not linked to any government agency or law enforcement agency. This gives our forum the power to provide our invaluable audience with completely unbiased coverage of the latest facts and figures.

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